1 box = 10 individual pouches



Improve your endurance with the performance science of NEOGENISSPORT BEETELITE

Most Powerful – the Nitric Oxide content of 6 Beets in 1 shot

Fastest – delivers nitric oxide 3X faster

Concentrated – so you consume less before your workout

Pure – all natural and vegan, with only 4 ingredients and no preservatives

Tastes Great – natural sweeteners for premium flavor.

Mix 1 pack (10g) thoroughly with 4 oz. of water. Use 30 minutes before workout or competition.
Beet juice may turn your urine and other waste pink. This is normal.



Protect BeetElite from the Heat


BeetElite is committed to delivering PURE Nutrition with only the purest ingredients. Our product is made using the finest organic Beets available with absolutely NO preservatives included. This level of purity makes the beet crystals susceptible to possible “clumping” when exposed to prolonged heat or moisture. To avoid “clumping” we recommend keeping BeetElite in a dry cool place not to exceed 75 degrees Fahrenheit.


Nitrates + Nitrites = Nitric Oxide


The reason beets enhance exercise performance is the first N:  nitrates.  Dietary nitrates are serially reduced to the second N, nitrites, to create the ultimate benefit, NO or nitric oxide.  Nitric oxide has three primary functions for athletes:

  • dilates blood vessels to deliver more oxygen and nutrients to muscles and cardiovascular system
  • increases efficiency of oxygen utilization for energy production
  • enhances the number of mitochondria to actually produce energy

Many beet products tout their nitrate content – but nitrates alone are inefficient.


It first has to be metabolized in the body.  And only about 5% of beet nitrates are metabolized to its active intermediates and this process takes at least 90 minutes.


BeetElite is a revolutionary formula that includes a natural form of nitrite, thus bypassing the inefficient nitrate reduction process.  This means that BeetElite works in 15 minutes, not 90.  And it means that BeetElite has the Nitric Oxide content of 6 beets in one shot.


When many people hear the word nitrate, they think of the harmful processed meat additive, used in hot dogs and bacon.  But recently it has been recognized for its ability to form nitric oxide. In the ‘70s, it was believed that nitrates were artificially formed molecules.  We now know that dietary nitrates are naturally occurring, and when consumed, are reduced to nitrites in mammals’ bodies through natural metabolic processes.  This realization ultimately led to the discovery of nitric oxide in 1998.  The 3 American scientists responsible for this discovery were awarded a Nobel Prize.  Nitrite is now considered an essential nutrient and molecule naturally produced in our bodies, responsible for many physiological functions.  In fact, the emerging data on nitrite reveals qualities strikingly similar to those of a vitamin.

Neogenis® tested organic beetroot from many suppliers, and all but one failed to meet our expectations.  We have secured an exclusive supply agreement with the one supplier that had the right growing conditions, time of harvest, soil bacterial composition and proper sunlight.


Neogenis utilizes a patented drying process that retains the rich nutrients of our superior beets.  Most, if not all, powdered and crystalized beetroot products diminish the nutrient content during their standard drying process.


BeetElite is quite simply better beets!


Neogenis® Labs is the world leader in nitric oxide (N-O) research and testing.  We know our N-O.  We specialize in nitric oxide technologies and use the most discerning testing process available to confirm that our BeetElite products are the highest efficacy:  ozone-based chemiluminescence testing.


You may hear of other manufacturers using HPLC testing.  While this test is widely accepted to qualify certain nutrients, it can measure nitrate levels.  It CANNOT determine ultimate nitric oxide benefit.  Only chemiluminescence testing can.

Nitric oxide measurement by chemiluminescence detectionJames N. Bates
Department of Anesthesia, University of Iowa College of Medicine, Iowa City, Iowa 52242, USAAbstractNitric oxide can be chemically and specifically detected in the gas phase by the chemiluminescence of its reaction with ozone. This method is potentially the most sensitive chemical assay currently available for the detection of NO, but the application of this technique to the detection of NO in small biological samples introduces some significant restrictions on its sensitivity. Despite the restrictions, it is still among the more sensitive chemical assays for NO or NO-containing compounds for many biological experiments. The theory behind chemiluminescence detection of NO is discussed, as well as the features responsible for its high sensitivity and the factors that decrease its sensitivity in biological applications. The use of chemiluminescence detection of NO is illustrated by the measurement of the effect of brain tissue on the conversion of three nitrovasodilators, sodium nitroprusside, nitroglycerin, and S-nitroso-l-cysteine, to nitric oxide.

How do beets improve athletic performance?

Beets are extremely high in dietary nitrates.  Ingesting dietary nitrates helps the body to produce more nitric oxide, which expands blood vessels, allowing more oxygen and fuel to reach the muscles and cardiovascular system.  Further, nitric oxide helps the body use oxygen and fuel more efficiently so you can exercise longer.


How is your beet shot different than regular beet juice?

Beet juice takes approximately 90 minutes to cycle the nitrates through your system, convert to nitrite, then ultimately to help the body create nitric oxide.  BeetElite has natural nitrites already in the product, which short cuts the systemic process required to convert the nitrate, thus working 3X faster and significantly harder than regular beet juice.


When is the best time to drink my BeetElite?

BeetElite can be used every day as an addition to your nutrition regimen.  If you are exercising that day, drink BeetElite 30 minutes prior.


Can I mix BeetElite with juice or add to smoothies?

You can mix it with anything that is not heavily citrus. High acid drinks or smoothies will inactivate the nitric oxide activity.


Can I also drink BeetElite during an endurance sport, if I drank one prior?

Yes, you can drink another one, 3 hours into your workout.


Does BeetElite help with recovery?

Yes, as the nitrates convert to nitric oxide and helps your body optimize your circulation, lactic acid is washed out more quickly.


My urine and other waste seem pink/red?  Is this normal?

Yes, the intense color in beet juice can pass through your digestive track into your urine and feces.


Isn’t nitrate bad for you?

There are pollutants and food additives that are.  However, beets contain a high level of natural DIETARY nitrates, which are extremely beneficial for your body’s circulation.


Does BeetElite replace my other fuel and hydration products?

It can.  Beets provide both fuel and natural hydration elements.


Doesn’t the dehydration process kill vegetable nutrients?

Normally, yes.  The high temperatures that are usually used in most drying processes kill the nutrients.  However, our manufacturer has patented a process that uses lower heat levels that maintains all the beet goodness.


Where do your beets come from?

We partnered with the largest organic beet grower in the United States.  Together we identified the field and harvest season that produces the beets with the highest nitrate content – all our beets come from that one field.


What should I expect to feel?

Each person’s physiology is different.  But many athletes report the following:

  • • improved ability to breathe
  • • more energy during workout
  • • better energy throughout  the day after workout
  • • improved endurance and speed
  • • less soreness/stiffness following exercise


Could using BeetElite be considered doping?

Absolutely not.  There are only 4 ingredients – beets, natural flavor, malic acid (which is naturally occurring in tart vegetables/fruits) and a small amount of stevia.  Further, our manufacturer is GMP certified, insuring the highest quality with no danger of toxins or contaminants.


Is Beet Elite vegan and gluten free?


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